Scandinavian simplicity and vintage luxury achieved through earthy tones and stunning light in a clean, timeless space


To enhance the use of natural materials in the kitchen, the architect designed floating shelves made of walnut and stone. The centrepiece, an island measuring close to five meters long, is rendered in the same materials with a built-in dining table for large gatherings in the kitchen. Aged brass details and glass cabinets are a nod to vintage allure.


Dekton Arga stone in a beautiful soft beige was used throughout the kitchen. It is a durable material similar to Taj Mahal quartzite. Solid walnut wood accents the beige tone for a distinctly earthy, Scandinavian ambience.


The architect embedded many details to create an atmosphere that is both enduring and grand. This includes glass cabinets with integrated lighting, brass handle strips, and warm wooden interior that aids in the special look of luxury.



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