Parisian elegance meets Nordic simplicity with clean, luxurious details


Soft beige tones are made electric through our architect’s sophisticated concept for this Stockholm apartment. The space is awash with stunning elegance and clean lines, brought into focus by warm lighting. A true piece of contemporary design, this custom kitchen merges the best of Paris and Scandinavia.


The mixing of styles serves as the principal element within the space. Considered materials like beautiful ceramic stone and natural wood are light surfaces to complement the neutral color palette. The wood is given a luxurious feel as the interior of counter storage and towering glass vitrines, which doubles as mesmerizing decor. Concealed cabinetry is a blank canvas for the space that neatly stores appliances when not in use.


Parisian eccentricity is introduced by way of sleek black and brass details, effortlessly colliding with a cozy Nordic ambience. Paul Badran’s exclusive design for the brass cylindrical kitchen fan is the focal point as its shine is countered by the surrounding smooth surfaces. Together, each of these elements offers striking depth while referencing international style.


Integrated lighting serves to frame the entire space. The concept creates a soft halo effect to lift surface details in an attractive way. Here the kitchen is elevated to a work of art without sacrificing function. Every detail was taken into account to aid in its rhythmic use, further embracing the desire to live well within a place of beauty. An open layout seals the revelatory atmosphere of tasteful luxury within the home.



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