Petra Tungårdens kök av Kitchens by Paul Arkitekter

Scandinavian style light oak wood and prime Breccia Vagli marble
reveal a palatial ambience with art deco shapes


Art deco led the design in this kitchen as the core inspiration. Curved lines seen on the many arches throughout the space, the kitchen island, and the back counter express the 1920s motif with softness and warmth. Breccia Vagli marble serves as a beautiful solution to punctuate the graphic aesthetic.


Scandinavian impulse came by way of light, neutral tones and oak wood. Blended skillfully with art deco, the kitchen is a highly functional space that retains strong visual interest. The marble’s varying swirls of grey and black veining against a white base is a contrasting focal point.


A custom designed arch on the back wall is made more prominent by warm integrated lighting. Vintage appeal continues in the brass accents of a stunning chandelier above the island and complementing sconces on the back wall. Paneling on the counter and storage door lend a bit of texture to the overall vision, emphasizing luxury details within the comfort of home.



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