Inspired by Parisian Neoclassical architecture, a Stockholm flat design is imbued with soft,
Scandinavian shades for subtle elegance


This entire flat was re-designed to largely preserve the original history of the building. The architect worked to restore the space to a sophisticated atmosphere with clean lines and ideal proportions. We achieved the look through natural quality materials and refined finishes. A harmonious blend of various inspiration, including Parisian neoclassical architecture and Scandinavian softness, grants the home an air of innovation and elegance.


The kitchen is anchored by a beautiful custom fabricated curved island. Natural light oak wood is joined with Taj Mahal stone in a distinctive floating design with malleable lines. A glass cabinet outfitted in the same oak along with integrated lighting is a subtle accent.


Continuity within the space is attained by using the same stone from the kitchen throughout the bathroom. Darker varnished wood was brought in for warmth and contrast. The placement of integrated lighting serves to highlight the stylish characteristics of the Taj Mahal stone.


The living room interior is comprised of soft beige and white hues, and natural wood and leather furniture. The resulting effect is a peaceful atmosphere that is artfully cosy. It continues into the main bedroom, where beautiful neoclassical arches frame the entrance.


Custom furniture was developed for the kid’s room. Together with imaginative wall paintings, the space embraces qualities of play and harmony. Built in storage and lighting are practical additions to this creative area.



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