Inspired by Parisian Neoclassical architecture, a Stockholm kitchen is imbued with soft, Scandinavian shades for subtle elegance.


This entire flat was re-designed to preserve as much of the building’s history as possible. Clean lines and ideal proportions were the architect’s approach to restoring the space. This is best seen in the kitchen, where the interior of the room melts into the home effortlessly by way of natural quality materials and refined finishes. A harmonious blend of inspiration, including Parisian neoclassical architecture and Scandinavian softness, grants the home an air of innovation and elegance.


A custom-made curved island anchors the kitchen space, where natural light oak wood is joined with Taj Mahal stone in a distinctive floating design of malleable lines. A glass cabinet outfitted in the same oak is a subtle accent. That refinement continues throughout the space.


For one, seating is built directly into the island, allowing both family and guests to take part in the cooking experience. The oak is further utilized in custom cabinets that conceal kitchen appliances when they are not in use. It leads to a sophisticated style punctuated by a contemporary layered chandelier. Preserving the intricacy of the home’s original moulding and ceiling medallion offer a unique backdrop to highlight these modern design moments. Integrated lighting on the cabinets provides a warm finishing touch, further softening the room. Together, these elements converge for an exclusive luxury kitchen design.



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